DashCon is very strict about its rules and policies and the enforcement thereof. As such, we reserve the right to revoke badges and physically remove people from the convention, should their behavior be found undesirable and/or dangerous. We reserve the right to permanently ban people from the convention. DashCon will also expect attendees to follow the general rules and guidelines below. We also reserve the right to classify actions other than those specifically outlined below as undesirable and/or dangerous. 

  1. Undesirable Behavior is defined as anything which leads to the destruction of convention property, the event space or their property, or emotional trauma among the convention or hotel staff, conventions attendees at large, or any other persons within the convention center.
  2. Dangerous Behavior may overlap with undesirable behavior but, in general, threatens the well-being of the convention attendees, the staff or any persons within the convention center. Immediate action will be taken against any offenders, and dangerous behavior will result in the immediate removal of said offenders from the convention center and the revocation of their badges. We additionally reserve the right to contact local law enforcement in the event of such behavior.
  3. Particular action will be taken against any illegal activity through the immediate detention of the offender and subsequent contact with local law enforcement. Offenders will be detained until local law enforcement arrives, and the offender will not hold the convention in contempt nor attempt to take legal action against the convention for said detainment.
  4. Convention attendees, through the act of registering, agree to obey the commands of all official staff persons, both hired by DashCon and employees of the convention center.
  5. Convention attendees will maintain a certain level of respect and integrity at all times while in the convention center and will be subject to consequences if they do not. 
  6. Attendees will not attempt to “share” badges with any other persons. If anyone is caught attempting to share their badge with anyone, we reserve the right to revoke said badge and remove its owner from the convention for the remainder of the weekend.
  7. Attendees will submit to the judgement of staff members regarding questions of age restriction, adult content, and all other ‘after hours’ activities.
  8. All attendees are responsible for producing a photo ID at the time of badge pick up or when registering for the convention at the door. The following forms of photo ID will be accepted: school ID, military ID, driver’s license, passport, as well as any other government or state-issued photo ID.
  9. Attendees under the age of 13 must have a legal guardian with them at all times throughout the duration of the convention. 
  10. Attendees will respect the convention center, hotel, fellow convention attendees, as well as all other non-convention guests. Please respect their rights and space, as they will respect ours.
  11. All weapons much be checked in the 'Weapons Check Room' before attending any panels or convention sponsored events. 
  12. DashCon does not permit metal replicas of any type, blunt or sharp.  
  13. All foam replicas must be under 5 feet to be allowed in the convention center and dealers room.  
  14. Props larger than 5 feet are permitted for the Costume Contest, but must be stored in Weapons Check during the rest of the convention.  
  15. All badges must be worn in a visible place at all times, badges are required to attend all convention panels, save for those specifically said to be open to the public. 
  16. Props with projectile functions are forbidden.  
  17. Alcohol in the possession of persons under 21 years old is strictly prohibited and will result in removal from the convention, and a revoking of badges. 
  18. Alcohol is not allowed in convention events.  
  19. Drugs are not allowed on the premises.  
  20. DashCon is not responsible for any injuries sustained during the convention. 
  21. DashCon will not refund badges or reserved WTNV seats for any reason.
  22. Badges can be transferred up to 14 days before the convention.
  23. Badges can only be transferred by the original badge owner.  
  24. Badges can only be transferred once.  Find out more information here! 
  25. The Schedule is subject to change at any time, even during the convention. 
  26. Attendees are required to have sleeping quarters for the duration of the convention. Camping in the hallways is not allowed and you will be asked to make arrangements or leave. 
  27. All attendees will be mindful of the hotel facilities, such as their pool and fitness facilities. They will not cause any undue damage to them.
  28. Attendees will be held responsible for any damage caused to the hotel or convention space.
  29. Attendees will be mindful and respectful of other attendees personal belongings. This includes all costume props and accessories. "Horn Snatching" and other similar activities will not be tolerated.
  30. Attendees will adhere to a general standard of hygiene. Regular showering and removal of all staining makeup and/or hair dye before slumber is strongly encouraged. Attendees will be responsible for any addition charges not doing so will incur.
  31. Convention attendees in costume are not targets, please do not assume their cosplay or costuming means you are welcome to touch them uninvited or harass them in anyway. Attendees who participate in this harassment will be removed for the convention. "Cosplay Does Not Equal Consent"
  32. Attendees should be aware of their surroundings, and be sensitive to other's feelings. Something considered funny, canon or not, could be offensive to someone else. This extends too all costumes, parts, sign verbiage, and other public displays. This especially includes gestures and speech. 
  33. Attendees will not camp out side of celebrities and other special guest's hotel rooms. You are expected to respect their space and give them the time needed to rest and recover from convention activities, travel, and other activity. 
  34. Live animals will not be allowed inside the convention center or the hotel, unless that animal is a service animal. If you have a service animal, please email us at admins@tumblconusa.com so we know who and what to expect!  
  35. All service animals are to be given their space and are to be respected. Do not touch someone's service animal without express permission. 
  36. Our convention will   be sharing space with other events. Please be respectful of these other events and their space. Keep noise to a minimum when passing through them or near them. They have as much a right to be there as you!    
  37. There will be no noisemakers, loud boom boxes, horns, air horns, squeaky toys or other disrupting instruments and devices allowed in the convention space. 
  38. With purchase attendees agree to filming and photography of their person for the purposes of promotion, press, and presentation of DashCon. 
  39. Please also be respectful of their use of the space! They will be using the space for pictures just like you Be willing to share space and wait your turn to use the picture locations.
  40. Attendees found purposefully disturbing these other events will be removed from the convention space.
  41. Attendees found attempting to swindle, steal, or otherwise mislead the convention staff or exhibitors will be removed from the convention and appropriate legal action will be taken. 
  42. Attendees must be wearing shoes throughout the duration of the convention  
  43. Children under 5 are not required to have a badge, but must be with a 18 or over parent/guardian throughout the weekend. 
  44. The parent or guardian will be required to have a badge. 
  45. Ages 13 and Under: You will need a legal guardian with you AT ALL TIMES throughout the weekend of the convention. Your guardian will have to buy a separate badge. 
  46. Ages 14-17: An adult over 18 must be present with you at the time of registration, they are not required to buy a badge. Please see this page, for specifics regarding this rule. 
  47. The Adult accompanying this age group will be required to file paperwork taking responsibility for the minors they help to register. This paper work will involve their name and phone number, so they may be reached in case of emergency. 
  48. It is The Adult's responsibility to obtain permission from the parent/guardian to have them sign for this paperwork. 
  49. DashCon does not take responsibility for Adults failing to obtain permission.  
  50. ALL AGES: YOU MUST HAVE A VALID ID WITH YOU AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION. School IDs, Military IDs, Driver's Licenses, passports,  and other valid photo ID will be accepted.



DashCon reserves the right to change these rules at any time, and attendees are responsible for their own individual knowledge of the convention rules.