Panelist Application for DashCon 2014

This is the application you need to fill out to apply to be a panelist at DashCon 2014. Panelist applicants can apply to sit on a wide variety of panels and will be vetted to determine their qualifications in several different areas, including but not limited to subject knowledge, leadership abilities, and public speaking skills. You can find a list of currently scheduled panels on our DashCon 2014 Preliminary Schedule, though they are subject to removal or change at any given time. New panels will also be added as the event nears.

Public submissions are closed. Please refrain from applying to be a panelist on any panels that were not approved and scheduled. In regards to date and time of currently scheduled panels, no changes will be made based on public request. Sorry for any inconvenience.

As a panelist, you will be expected to think on your feet and adapt quickly to new situations as they arise, especially in situations involving audience participation and/or Q&A. You will be expected to attend all required briefing sessions, held mostly in Skype, along with one in-person briefing session held just prior to the actual start of the convention. You will be expected to be punctual and attend all panels you are assigned. You will also be expected to act in such a way that you do not upset our other guests or tarnish the convention name. You will be expected to respect the authority of DashCon staff, so long as you do not feel the direction of any staff members endangers the mental, physical, or emotional well-being of you or those around you. You will be expected to understand that panels without an age requirement could have children present and act accordingly, as if their presence is a certainty.  And you will be expected to follow our Convention Rules and Policies at all times.

Failure to meet these requirements may result in your removal as a participant in future panels, as well as the possible revocation of your badge and/or you being physically removed from the convention for the remainder of the event. Such incidents will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and you will be expected to submit to the decisions made by DashCon staff. The decisions of the DashCon staff are final.

Panelists MUST have a plan for their panels prior to the beginning of the convention. If audience participation and/or Q&A is involved, you MUST be willing to respond politely to comments and questions. If the direction of the panel veers too far off course or becomes extremely questionable, you will be expected to get back on topic as quickly and efficiently as possible. Inappropriate lines of questioning that impede on the comfort of attendees or panelists are NOT allowed. However, our demographic is made up of a rather diverse crowd, so you also MUST be comfortable answering questions that pertain to gender, sexuality, physical and/or mental illness, racial diversity, critical character analysis, and the way these and various other delicate topics are perceived. In this vein, hate speech will NOT be tolerated by anyone, attendees or panelists alike. 

If this situation arises at any time, you MUST do your best to keep everyone as calm as possible until the room monitor can alert security and have the offender escorted from the panel. Once the panel ends, you MUST submit a report to DashCon staff regarding the incident. While we do not anticipate any problems, they are possible, and you MUST be prepared to deal with them if and/or when they occur.

Panelist perks go as follows:

Full-house (100 bodies or a full room): Badge cost refunded for DAY OF PANEL
Head count is cumulative: 50 bodies in two separate panels held the same day = 1 full-house

Badge refunds will be made after head count can be verified by official DashCon staff. We will do everything in our power to see to it that each attendee at your panel is counted; however, you will be responsible for notifying someone if you feel your room monitor is not keeping an accurate count. 

You may be asked to submit additional information and MUST be willing to submit to a video interview via Skype prior your to approval as a panelist. The interview will be with AT LEAST one member of the DashCon Executive Staff and possibly one or both fandom committee heads (where applicable). We reserve the right to deny panelists for any reason, and that decision will be final. If you have any questions, you may contact us here.


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